Manchester at the centre of the county

Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester came into existence in 1974 as one of the new metropolitan counties that where created at that time, taking the south eastern corner of Lancashire and some of Cheshire, Greater Manchester nestles to the east side of the Pennine chain and the start of the Peak District.



Ramsbottom in the Pennines on the northern edge of Greater ManchesterGeography

The county is on the south eastern corner of the Lancashire plain and includes some of the foothills of the Pennines along its easter border and part of the Rossendale Hills. The River Mersey one on England's best known rivers enters the county from the west, it divides into two smaller rivers, the mersey continuing through the south of the county, whilst the River Irwell make its way through the northern part of the county.

Manchester the main city of Greater ManchesterCities and Towns

As the counties name suggests the main city is that of Manchester, however the other city that can sometimes be forgotten is Salford, in its own right quite a large city, but being so near to Manchester it is often regarded as a suburb. There are also a host of towns that make up the county some quite large, they include:- Bolton, Stockport, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Wigan, Hyde, Westhoughton, Swinton, Middleton and Walkden