Thelwall Viaduct at the heart of the M6 in CheshireM6 in Cheshire

Cheshire, is at the heart of the M6, it has one of the busiest sections of the motorway, two main motorways the M62 trans Pennine motorway and the M56 Manchester to North Wales motorway cross the M6 in Cheshire. Cheshire also contains the mid point of the M6, this is very near to the most dominant feature on the M6 in Cheshire, the massive Thelwall Viaduct carrying the M6 over the River Mersey and the Manchester Ship Canal. This viaduct originally built in the 1960's was drastically reworked in the 1990's to add an extra lane, unfortunately the engineers made a mistake in the piers holding one of the viaducts these needed replacing, the necessary roadwork's caused traffic chaos in the early part of the current decade.

Junctions 23-22 the M6 makes its way south eastwards past Newton le Willows, the scenery is become more urban with occasional glimpses across Manchester


Signs at Junction 25Junction 22 Warrington North A49/A579, centre, south and east Warrington are directed along the M6, the junction is signed A49 southbound, however the A49 is about 1/4 mile away to the west, the road is actually the A579.


Junctions 22-21a A very short section dominated by signage and often queues for junction 21 the M62


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Signs at Junction 21


Junction 21a Warrington East M62, this is one of the key junctions on the M6, the M62 is the main trans pennine motorway through industrial northern England, carrying traffic between Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds & Hull, traffic mostly leaves the northbound carriageway for Liverpool and joins the southbound carriageway from Liverpool, enough traffic joins to warrant an extra lane for the second time the M6 becomes 4 lanes.

Junctions 21a-21 an urban section of the M6 with views of Warrington on both sides of the motorway, as the next junction is approached the massive Thelwall Viaduct comes into view.

Signs at Junction 21


Junction 21 Warrington Central A57, the main junction for Warrington is hardly noticed by the dominance of the Thelwall Viaduct.


Junctions 21-20, immediately after junction 21 the M6 starts its climb over the Thelwall Viaduct, then as the summit is reached views of south Manchester and the Cheshire Plain can be seen, low flying aircraft from nearby Manchester and Liverpool airports can often be observed.

Signs at Junction 20

Junction 20 Warrington South M56/A50/B5158, this the second main motorway junction in six miles is the junction southbound for South Manchester, Manchester Airport, Stockport, North Wales, Chester, Runcorn, Macclesfield and Lymm, with so much traffic turning off the southbound carriageway reverts back to 3 lanes, whilst the northbound gains a lane going from 3 to 4, northbound the junction is of less importance being the junction for North Wales, Birkenhead and Runcorn.

Junctions 20-19 a quitter and prehaps dull section of the M6 as it starts to make its way south eastwards through the Cheshire Plain.

Signs at Junction 19


Junction 19 Knutsford A556, southbound this is the junction for Knutsford and Northwich two small Cheshire towns, however there is an abundance of traffic joining as Northbound this is the main junction for Manchester.

Junctions 19-18 one of the worst accident blackspots on a British motorway as Knutsford Services are built too near to junction 19 meaning that traffic leaving for the services cross traffic joining the motorway from junction 19, another rather flat section of the M6 follows the services.

Signs at Junction 18


Junction 18 Holmes Chapel A54, at one time this was the main junction northbound for Chester, today it just servers the small towns of Homes Chapel and Middlewich.

Junctions 18-17 another flat section as the M6 approaches Sandbach.

Signs at Junction 17


Junction 17 Sandbach A534, another junction serving small Cheshire towns, this time Sandbach and Congleton.


Junctions 17-16 passing Sandbach services, the northern hills of Staffordshire come into view with occasional views of Stoke on Trent in the distance.


Signs at Junction 16Junction 16 Alsager A500, when this section of the M6 was opened a new road the A500 was built from here to the A34 to connect the M6 with Newcastle upon Lyme and later extended into Stoke on Trent, this important junction is the main southbound junction for this town and city. More recently the A500 has been extended westwards so the junction also now serves Crewe and is the main northbound junction for Chester. This junction is almost on the border of Cheshire and Staffordshire