Forton Service a familier siht to M6 travellers in LancashireM6 in Lancashire

Lancashire, is where it all started for British Motorways with the Preston Bypass of the M6, by 1970 the M6 had spread from this small bypass to be the main through route across Lancashire from the cumbrian border in the north to Greater Manchester in the south. This part of the M6 is generally busier than the Cumbrian section, in fact the longest queue on a British motorway was here going all the way from Carnforth to Preston.


Signs at Junction 35Junction 36-35, views of Farleton Knot to the east, the M6 is much flatter now climbing slightly to a summit near Burton in Kendal the M6 crosses the border into Lancashire, as it descends views of Carnforth and Warton Crag to the west.


Junction 35 Carnforth, A601(M)/A6 the original northern junction on the Lancaster Bypass the main junction for Carnforth and Morecambe southbound and Carnforth and Milnthorpe northbound. A lot of lorries use this junction as there are a number of nearby quarries.



Signs at Junction 34Junctions 35-34 Northern Lancaster Bypass, the Lakeland Fells to the North, the Bowland Fells to the East the M6 rises to a peak at Nether Kellet before descending into the Lune Valley, crossing the River Lune just before junction 34.


Junction 34 Lancaster East, A683 the junction for the Lancaster, Kirkby Lonsdale, Morecambe and Heysham, this junction has sharp curves and a extremely dangerous joining lane on the northbound carriageway.


Junctions 34-33 Southern Lancaster Bypass the M6 climbs out of the Lune Valley with views of the Bowland fells to the east, parts of Lancaster, Morecambe and Morecambe Bay to the west, passing Lancaster University it descends onto the Lancashire plain.


Junction 33Junction 33 Hampson Green, A6 the second time the A6 and M6 meet, the main junction for Lancaster from the south and for Garstang and Fleetwood for the north and for those who do not want to use the M55 the junction for Blackpool.

Junction 33-32 Lancaster to Preston link, Forton services with its unusual tower is soon in view, then more views of the Bowland Fells to the East with Scorton Church standing out to the west the scenery gives way to a flatter landscape with villages to the west, the hills to the east move further away giving a pleasant backdrop, this section is notorious for bank holiday queue's.


Sign at Junction 32.Junction 32 Preston North, M55/A6, one of the most unusual junctions on the network, going southbound the left hand lane leaves to go over a flyover whilst the main carriageway becomes two lanes for about half a mile until two more lanes join. On the northbound carriageway the 4 lanes divide into two roads, the outermost two being the M6. The junction is the main junction for Preston (southbound) and Blackpool.



Junctions 32-31a Northern Preston Bypass, any vestiges of Britain's original motorway are now gone under 8 lanes of superhighway this very busy section of the M6.

Signs at junction 31a

Junction 31A Preston East, A new junction added in the 1990's, to serve east Preston and Longridge, traffic can only exit northbound and join southbound.

Junctions 31a-301, Eastern Preston Bypass, the motorway drops into the Ribble valley on this very busy section.



Sign at junction 31Junction 31 Preston East, A59 the oldest junction in Britain is now the junction for Clitheroe (southbound) and Preston (northbound), although the junction has changed from its original design the two roundabouts are still there. The M6 crosses the River Ribble at the junction.

Junctions 31-30, Southern Preston Bypass, the motorway climbs out of the Ribble valley on this very busy section.




Sign at junction 32Junction 30 Preston South M61 the left lane turns off on the southbound carriageway to reduce the carriageway back to 3 lanes, this one of the most important and busy junctions on the M6 is the southbound junction for Manchester and Leeds among other places, there is no access from the northbound carriageway which gains an extra lane.




Signs at junction 29Junction 30-29 Southern Preston Bypass, a very short stretch of the M6 the last of the original motorway.


Junction 29a/29 A6/M65 Preston south, the Preston bypass ends as it began with a junction with another motorway and the A6, this is the last time the A6 and the M6 meet, the junction is the main northbound junction for Preston and Blackburn.




Signs at junction 28Junction 29-28 Preston-Leyland another very short section, Leyland comes into view on the western side.


Junction 28 B5248 Leyland, this much quiter junction just serves the town of Leyland, the A49 is only yards away from the junction.


Junction 28-27, Leyland-Standish link, back into a bit of countryside the M6 climbs up to Charnock Richard services, with Camelot theme park to the west. Northbound traffic have fine views of Preston and Blackpool.


Signs at junction27Junction 27 A5209 Standish, the main junction for Wigan (southbound) and Chorley (northbound) mainly serves the A49 about a quarter of a mile to the east. The last junction in Lancashire.


Junctions 27-26 Northern Wigan Bypass. The M6 soon passes the border into Greater Manchester, good views of Wigan for southbound traffic.

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