M6 in StaffordshireM6 in Staffordshire

Staffordshireis where the M6 divides into two, currently the only Motorway to do so. From South Staffordshire drivers have a choice when heading south of Birmingham, either use the older M6 through Birmingham and face the traffic queues along with spaghetti junction or use the new M6 Toll and bypass all of this on a clear new road. The catch as its name suggests you have to Pay extra to use the road. The county boasts the oldest parts of the M6 outside Lancashire with the Stafford bypass being opened in 1962.


Junction 15 southbound signJunctions 16-15 Newcastle under Lyme bypass, this is one of the most scenic section of the M6 anywhere south of the Thelwall Viaduct with hills and woodland making up most of the scenery.

Junction 15 Newcastle South, A500 the second time the M6 meets the A500 which runs in a half moon shape from junction 16 through Stoke on Trent then back to Junction 15. It is the main junction for Stoke on Trent.



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Junctions 15-14 Newcastle and Stafford Link, the hills near to Newcastle give way to rolling fields, watch out for Stafford Services with its lake.

Junction 14 Direction SignsJunction 14 Stafford North, A34 the main southbound junction for Stafford, whilst service Stone and Eccleshall northbound.

Junctions 14-13, Stafford Bypass, one of the oldest sections of the M6, mostly rural but parts of Stafford can be seen as the next junction approaches.

Junction 13 Stafford South, A449 the second junction for Stafford.

Junctions 13-12, Cannock By Pass the M6 passes the rolling hills of Cannock Chase on of the last rural sections for some time.

Junction 12 Direction Signs

Junction 12 Cannock, A5 when this junction was first opened it was by far the busiest and most important junction on this section of the M6 being the junction for no less a city than London. As more motorway was built it was effectively bypassed being relegated to the junction for Cannock and Wolverhampton. It still can be used as a way of bypassing Birmingham to the M1 and avoiding the M6 Toll with its charges.


Junction 12 -11a, A short rural section before the M6 Toll


Signs at junction 11a M6 Toll


Junction 11a Cannock South, M6 Toll at this new junction the M6 now divides those going south and who are prepard to pay can use the new and uncluttered M6 toll the rest must go through Birmingham, the layout has been modified to favour the M6 Toll.


Signs at Junction 11Junction 11 Cannock South, A460 the main junction for Wolverhampton southbound and Cannock Northbound

Junctions 11-10a Northern Wolverhampton Bypass, another very short section including Hilton Park Services the last before Birmingham.





Signs at Junction 10a M54

Junction 10a Wolverhampton North, M54 this is a northbound only access junction, the main junction for Telford, Shewsbury and North Wales .

Junctions 10a-10 Wolverhampton Bypass, the first tall buildings come into view on this short section as the M6 crosses into the West Midlands