A38(M) in Birmingham West MidlandsM6 in West Midlands

West Midlands, prehaps one of the best known and busiest parts of the M6, the West Midlands is a relatively small county situated in the centre of England, dominated by the city of Birmingham. The M6 split in 2 just north of the county the original motorway passes east as Wolvehampton and just West of Walsall then enters Birmingham to join with the M5 from the South West, the M6 then heads more easterly towards the centre of Birmingham and prehaps the most famous junction on the British motorway network spaghetti junction, from there it heads east slightly south out of Birmingham before passing just north of Coventry up towards Warwickshire. The M6 toll the newest part of the M6 Toll leaves the M6 just over the Staffordshire border and takes a more northerly route past Lichfield before rejoining the original M6 just east of Birmingham .



Signs at Junction 10

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Junction 10 Walsall, A454 the main junction for Walsall from the north and central Wolvehampton from the South

Junctions 10-9 N Walsall bypass, the scenery becomes more Urban with Walsall to the east, Wednesbury to the west and Birmingham to the south. Traffic queues become increasingly common.


Signs at junction 9 m6

Junction 9 Walsall South, A461 the junction both north and southbound for Wednesbury

Junctions 9-8 Walsall southern bypass, another urban area as we start to approach Birmingham, the RAC building can be seen on the eastern side of the M6

Signs at junction 8 M6


Junction 8 Tame Valley, M5 one of the most important junctions on the M6, the junction for West Birmingham, Worcester, Gloucester, Bristol and the South West. The M6 comes onto the first of several viaducts or flyovers it crosses through Birmingham.

Junctions 8-7 Birmingham northern bypass, more urban scenery as the M6 enters the Great Bar district of Birmingham


Signs at junction 7 M6

Junction 7 Great Barr, A34 the main junction for North Birmingham and northbound for Walsall, the M6 has been an effective replacement for the A34 from soon after the Thelwall Viaduct in Cheshire, both roads running near to each other.

Junctions 7-6 Birmingham northern Bypass, more viaducts and urban scenery as the M6 head towards Birmingham City Centre

Signs at Junction 6


Junction 6 Gravelly Hill, A38/A38(M)/A5127 possibly the most famous motorway junction in Britain, the junction for Birmingham City Centre as well as North East Birmingham and Lichfield, its rabbit Warren of Roads, Bridges etc when viewed from above has given it the name spaghetti junction, however traveling along the M6 the junction may prove disappointing as most of this network is unseen being being underneath the M6's carriageway.


Sign at Junction 5 northbound carrigewayJunctions 6-5 Birmingham Northern Bypass, still more urban scenery as the M6 continues its journey through north Birmingham, the hugh Fort Dunlop, once a tyre factory new part of a shopping complex can be seen to the north of the M6


Junction 5 Castle Bromwich, A452 a junction with a northbound only exit, the junction for North Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield.


Junctions 5 -4a Birmingham Northern Bypass we start out of the city and head for the suburbs still not the country though.

Signs at Junction 4a Southbound M6

Junction 4a Water Orton, M42 a southbound only junction and one of the most confusing junctions on the M6, by the signs it is the junction for London except the signs also say that London is straight on! This is the junction that leads to the M40 for Oxford and West London as well as the M1 north.

Junctions 4a - 4 Birmingham Eastern Bypass the country side starts to appear on the eastern side of the M6 still city to the west though.