Sign at Junction 28M6 Junction 28


Junction 28 was the first junction southbound on the south Lancashire section of the M6 opened in 1963, it was to serve the town of Leyland just south of Preston, joining with the B5248, just a few yards west of its junction with the A49 the road which the new section of the M6 was a direct replacement.

The junction is one of the quietest on this section of the M6, designed with this in mind, it is not quite in the dangerous category as say junction 34, but it is a poor design, the one possible danger is the sharp bend on leaving the southbound carriageway, a car could hit this at speed or in bad weather and spin, possibly causing a multiple vehicle accident should anyone be unlucky enough to be following. The slip road should have been built on the northern side of the B5248. The other point is that traffic descends off the motorway and ascends on to the motorway, the wrong way round for braking and accelerating, it would have been better for the B5284 to cross above the M6 rather than below, however this must have been considered not an important enough junction to build these safety features.


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