Junction 37M6 Junction 37

Junction 37 is an unusual junction in that it just serves a small town Sedbergh in east Cumbria near to the North Yorkshire Border. It was likely intended as a junction for Kendal, it is signposted as Kendal/Sedbergh both north and southbound, the A684 from the junction to Kendal is a primary route, however almost all the northbound traffic to Kendal uses junction 36, whilst southbound uses either junction's 39 or 38.

The junction is similar to junction 39 on 2 counts it is a single road crossing the motorway on a bridge and it is at the summit of a hill. Although junction 39 is higher in altitude that junction 37, the scenery with hill to the north of the junction is likely better, the junction has the feeling and scenery of an isolated junction in the fells ready to be blocked by the winters snows. Being a relatively quite junction snow and fog then to be the only problems.


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