Junction 43 from SataliteM6 Junction 43

Junction 43 was first opened in December 1970 as the middle junction on the new Carlisle Bypass. At the time it was either a shortcut to east Carlisle or used as a way to the A69 east avoiding Carlisle. As the Motorway has grown so the junction has grown in importance. The A69 into Carlisle is a better road to the city centre than the A6 from the south, in recent times signs have been changed on the northbound carriageway to make this junction the main Junction for Carlisle.

By 1970 motorway junctions had become more standardised, this could be descriped as a classic or typical motorway junction, with the motorway running underneath the road in question, which comes to a roundabout at the junction, as traffic are slowed down on leaving the motorway by the incline, and are helped to accalerate on joining by the drop this type of junction is one of the safest motorway junctions are a consequence this junction has changed little since opening.


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