M6 Junction 7


Southbound sign at junction 7


During the 1960's the motorway was almost viewed as a god, nothing could get in its way whether it be houses, woodland etc they would all have to go to make way for the motorway. The decision to take the M6 through northern Birmingham with the inevitable demolishing of homes, business premises that were needed to make way for the new road would not happen today but in the late 1960's it was thought that every major city would have a motorway near to its city centre. The first stretch of this was opened in 1970 with junction 7 being the only through junction on the new stretch. The junction is unusual in that the slip roads from the southbound carriageway come onto the wrong side of the roundabout you can see this in the diagram below:-


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The junction is a variation of the roundabout over the motorway, except as the A34 runs over the roundabout it is an interchange roundabout between a motorway and a dual carriageway.


Northbound sign at junction 7