Sign at Junction 9

Junction 9 of the M6 is just before the M5 junction going southbound being just south of Walsall on the north west corner of Birmingham. This section of the M6 opened in 1968, although it could be regarded as the southbound junction for Dudley and the northbound for Walsall, both places have junctions further north and south so it is signed both ways as Wednesbury which lays just to the south west of this junction. As with all junctions in or near Birmingham this is a busy urban junction the M6 often queued well past here at peak times.

The junction is a roundabout under the motorway junction although not dangerous as some junctions are it has one problem in that traffic going off the motorway are braking downhill, whilst coming on the traffic is accalerating uphill, it would be better the other way round.

With thanks to Stephen from Pathetic Motorways for information on this junction


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Sign at Junction 9