The entry into Hackthorpe northbound on the A6A6 in Penrith

Penrith is the first town on the A6 south of Carlisle, on its original course the A6 enters Penrith from the north down Stricklandgate, before passing through Middlegate, King Street and leaving the town to the south via Bridge Lane.



The narrows in Penrith once on the main A6One Way Systems

This route had one big problem right in the centre of town just north of the towns clock the road narrows to one lane for about 200 yards in a portion of road actually called the narrows. It is believed these narrows where built to keep out the Scots, unfortunately they also have the same effect on modern traffic, before the building of the M6 in 1968 all the north south traffic came through these narrows which needed to be traffic light controlled. In the course of time however a one way system has been built through the town centre, by sending northbound traffic up Castlegate, then down Branswick road and southbound traffic down Middlegate the narrows have been bypassed.


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