Approaching Plumpton on the A6Plumpton

After 5 miles of very good and quite A road the A6 enters its final small village before Penrith. Plumpton is situated at the junction of the A6 and the B 6413, the only numbered road to leave the A6 between junctions 42 & 41 of the M6. It would appear to be a village that had grown out of the junction, a small community built around a road junction, however appearances can be deceptive the village has a long history. The village is the centre of several scattered hamlets Breaking news for Cumbria including the Plumpton area can be found on our Cumbria News Page. A photo Gallery for Plumpton where photos can be viewed and uploaded can be found on our Galleries Page


Plumpton ChurchHistorical Plumpton

Plumpton stands on the Roman Road between Penrith and Carlisle, just to the south of the village was a roman marching camp at Plumpton Head, whilst just to the north is Vereda Roman Camp, there likely has been a settlement here since Roman Times, by the middle ages it had become a stop on the main road between Penrith and Carlisle. During the 18th and 19th Cenrury the main road through Low Hesket was under the control of the Carlisle and Eamont Bridge Turnpike Trust.


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The A6 and M6 in Plumpton

The A6 runs straight through Plumpton, the village would hardly be noticed on the road except for its road junction. Up until 1971 this road would be exceedingly busy with all the north south traffic going through, however with the opening of the M6 between Penrith and Carlisle the traffic disappeared, the M6 running just to the west of the village.