Staffordshire sat astride one of England's great Rivers the Trent in the north western corner of the Midlands has been a county whose borders have hardly changed since Norman times. It has an industrial north with the potteries based around the counties largest city Stoke on Trent, whilst further south sites the county town of Stafford and the historic city of Lichfield.




River TrentGeography

The River Trent dominates the county running from Burton on Trent in the south eastern corner of the county past Lichfield and Stafford on to Stoke on Trent in the counties north western corner. South west of the Trent the county tends to be flatter, with rolling plains and small hills. North East of the Trent is a little more hilly with the Pennine hills creeping into the counties north eastern corner.


Lichfield's historic cityCities and Towns

The counties largest City sites near to the northern border as its name suggests Stoke on Trent is situated in the Trent valley, the counties only other city is the historic cathedral city of Lichfield. Of the towns the two largest and Newcastle under Lyme and the county town of Stafford. Smaller towns include Stone, Burton on Trent, Uttoxeter, Leek, Rugeley, Cannock and Tamworth.



The M6 in StaffordshireThe A6 and M6 in Staffordshire

When the M6 was first built in Staffordshire it may have been difficult to understand its numbering, after all previous sections of the M6 had replaced the A6, the Stafford bypass on the over hand replaced the A34, the A6 came no where near Staffordshire. As the grand scheme of things unfolded the numbers came more logical, the A6 was the main road from Manchester to Derby to London, the M6 was to serve Manchester and via the M1 London, but would divert from the A6's route to server Britain's second largest city Birmingham, thus passing through Staffordshire.

The M6 crosses the border from Cheshire into Staffordshire at junction 16, in doing so it passes out of Northern England and enters the Midlands. It continues south passing Newcastle under Lyme and Stoke on Trent, before turning east then after junction 15 resuming a south easterly course on past Stone and Stafford, passing into the West Midlands very near the new M6 Toll northern junction